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to the world economy. >> at the summit the g8 leaders issued a cautious assessment of the global economy. in a statement, the g8 warned that, quote, global economic prospects remain weak. though downside risks have reduced thanks in part to significant policy actions taken, unquote. in the u.s., the euro zone and japan. they depicted 2014 as a quote unquote difficult one with the euro zone in recession and the american economy still hampered by high unemployment. china did not participate in the discussions since china is not a member of the g8 although japan, its neighbor, is. >> why are the economies around the world slowing down. >> because the economies around the world have accumulated too much debt and they don't know how to get the economies moving again. china's growth rate is down to 6 or 5%. no one knows where it's going. exports within the european community are dropping all over the place. virtually every european country -- look at the unemployment rate in spain. it's 26%. you look at italy, france and spain, they're all cass -- basket cases. they have a debt to retail. just
to tap the brakes on the feds' bond buying program designed to lower interest rates and spur the economy. fox business network senior washington correspondent peter barns has an update. >> good evening. the fed says the central bank could be getting ready to wind down the easy money policies it has been using for the last five years to help the economy recover from the great recession, the first to slow and then to go, the controversial bond buying program, known as quantitative easing, which helped keep interest rates low. so far, the fed purchased $2.5 trillion in bonds to help flood the financial system with cash, basically printing new money. purchases help keep rates low for auto loans, mortgages and business loans. the fed chairman had cars on his mind when he said his team could start reducing purchases later this year, if the economy keeps growing and unemployment keeps dropping. >> if incoming data support that the economy can sustain a reasonable cruising speed, we will ease the pressure on the accelerator by gradually reducing pace of purchases. however, any need to consider a
much that is costing the european economy, european jobs, and the european government? guest: at the moment, we are asking our citizens to do a lot of sacrifice in order to adjust to the impact of the financial crisis. we cannot allow a number of people to escape, a number of people to evade their tax responsibilities. so, i think this was a powerful message from the g8. very much supported and initiated by the europeans to make sure that our tax system is assumes itsverybody responsibilities in terms of and that when we ask normal citizens to make sacrifices, we should at the same time ensure that any of the people that tries to escape this sanctions -- is sanctions. cooperation among states is an effective one, and this is what they discussed in the g8 and what we are implementing. we are happy to see that we are on the same wavelength with the americans. host: what about switzerland? is which alone one of those locations used as a tax haven? guest: switzerland is not part of the european union, but we have a solid relationship with switzerland. we made a number of agreemen
in the largest wely gain in four years. the sooner the fed pays it out, presses on buying. hurting the economy more than it has helped. editor-in-chief steve forbes, great to have you with us. qe appears to be at an end, sort of. $85 billion continues, the rates are moving higher, so that will be problematic. your thoughts on the timing on all of thisy the fed chairman. >> three years late, better late than never, what ben bernanke has done inadvertently this make it easier for the vernment to deficit spending, get back on their feet, issue newonds but for the rest of the economy, smaller businesses like with what they said in russia, health care is free but you can't get any. they a thehe job creators, they are hurt by what bernanke did. not much left for the small guys. lou: a lot of lilimited government, some of them are anti-fed. oh, my gosh, we cannot conclude it a $5 billion per month. i do not like what he has done, bbt don't let him reverse course here. there is a chorus of hypocrisy in pleading for more punch bowl, please. >> it is hard to give up when you have it. bernanke will not d
, and the future in 30 minutes. talking about how you size up the economy today, how we got into such a bad place in 2008, and what economic policy makers need to do next. i would like to start talking about the present. how do you assess the global economy and the u.s. economy, and the extent to which there is any momentum or possibility for faster growth? >> basically, i would describe both the united states and the rest of the world as being in a sluggish environment where effective demand, if we can use that old-fashioned term, is inadequate to galvanize the system in the growth. yet there is not enough downside weakness to create any significant short-term changes that i can see. there are very huge imbalances out there. what i find startling is there are so many things -- which nothing is happening. for example, the european central bank had this huge trillion-euro rise a couple years ago of the assets in their balance sheet. then it came down a little bit. and for the last several months it has been absolutely flat. in other words, the extent to hich nothing is happening. it is just not cr
stock prices up worldwide and has spurred a recovery in the global economy. but at a hearing before congress on march 22nd, ben bernanke hinted at the possibility of scaling down the monetary easing policy. >> if we seek continued improvement and we have confidence that is going to be sustained, then we could in the next few meetings take a step down in our pace of purchases. >> the remarks triggered worldwide market volatility. the following day the nikkei and tokyo index stumbled. comments also changed the currently trends and the dollar briefly fell to the 93 yen level earlier this month. economists point out that chairman bernanke's comments could positively impact the japanese economy if it can get rid of market uncertainties. >> translator: once the u.s. policy direction becomes clear, investors may move more into riskier assets then the yen could again enter a declining trend and spur hopes for stock market advance. >>> it hasn't been long since the idea of 3d printing seem like pure fantasy. now the people who make these machines are displaying their latest models as one of
: both sides are addressing the economy, to bring growth back. it is not easy. we are facing enormous challenges on both sides. we have different kinds of responses, different kinds of contacts in america. i think the common concern is to make sure the recovery is a sustainable one that we don't go in an up and down in terms of economic performance. i think we have established a few lines that are common. we need financial stability and we need to increase our competitiveness. we are facing enormous challenges in emerging economies. we need to adjust our economy for training and education and we need the skills in the job market. for the moment i think the g-8 has clearly identified that. we need to join efforts at the international level to create a right position. host: what needs to happen? guest: i think we need to consolidate our accounts and put our house in order in terms of the debt and deficit. that is crucial for our credibility of our efforts. at the same time, we need to invest in a new way, we need to create the sources of competitiveness for the future. so our economies
. the economy is mediocre at best, but even having said all that, that stocks have raced ahead of some of the weakness in the high yield bond market, to me i think still one of the best features of stocks when i talk to individual, and importantly, investors there are still a misuse of stocks when companies are generating an 8% return on equity, and if we get that 10% correction, just grind your way through it, fight your way through it and buy what you thought was too expense ive tod. >> that's an interesting point, because on the feds tapering, that's basically what people are trying to navigate around. rick santelli, give us your sense of what we hear out of bernanke tomorrow and wednesday? >> you can't get hd quality picture on a 1953 philco tv. that's the way i look at it. the markets are looking for answers to an exit strategy that can't be had. some people blame communications. i don't blame communications. i think these programs in their triggers for an exit and the relationships that the fed is trying to fine-tune with this rate of unemployment, this degree of growth in the ec
, even though the economy is growing. too many families feel like they're working working harder and still can't get ahead. inequality is still growing in our society. too many young people aren't sure whether they will be able to match the living standards of parents. we have too many kids in poverty in this country still. there are some basic steps we can take to strengthen the position of working people in this country to help our , to make sureter it's more competitive, and some of that requires political will. some of it requires an abiding passion for making sure everyone in this country has a fair shot area but it also requires good economists. i know it is called the dismal science, but i don't find it at dismal. i think it is actually pretty interesting. staffmes the rest of my thinks obamas getting together with his economists and they're going to have a wonk fest for the next hour, but this stuff matters. in termsa difference of whether or not people get a chance at life and how we optimize this opportunity. everyone gets a caring fornd we are the vulnerable and disabl
that they are not getting what they deserve from the government of the world's sixth largest economy. shepard? >> shepard: steve, these nationwide protests are reportedly some of the biggest demonstrations since the end of brazil's dictatorship back in '85. the country's military regime lasted for more than two decades back then. during that time, violent clashes often broke out between protesters and police. really not sense. authorities in turkey have banned large gatherings all together after weeks of violent antigovernment protests in a key city. so it's come to this. one man trying a peaceful solo protest and there he is. the guy on the right in the white shirt, stood alone for many hours last night. at istanbul's taksim square. stood there and stared. stared aportrait founded turkey as a secular state 90 years ago. many claim turkey's current leaders are forcing islamic agenda on them as word of this standing guy got out. several others stood just like him in different parts of the country. turkish officials say they will take no action as long as these silent protests cause nobody any harm. here a
/11 to the american economy? trillions of dollars. think about the lies that have been saved. they will only tell us about a couple of those. they have to be careful about sources and methods. still needs oversight. congress should be looking at it closely. i am pretty comfortable with what they have laid out so far. connell: speaking of september 11 and attacks on our financial industry, general alexander have the following quote talking about rather being here debating this point in trying to explain how we failed to prevent another 9/11. do you think that these programs , you know, the internet surveillance or the phone collection, in terms of records, do you think that that would have prevented september 11? >> they did say something to this effect. he said they may have been able to track one of the 9/11 hijackers if they had this program before 9/11. that is if i heard it correctly. that tells you something. who knows where we would be today in our history if they would have been able to do that. connell: supporters of the nsa leaker say he has been able to prompt or develop this discussion th
's economy is coming back. chris: but will we still see those nbc pictures of people racing across the border at night? >> not -- not for a while. chris: not for a while. that means the law works. >> we will get the bill. but there are concerns that the number of visas for farmer workers is going to be revised down that we will see more once the economy picks up. >> i think they will get something through but it will be that unforeseen consequences problem that people will watch for the next several years. what will the impacts be that aren't part of what the discussion is? >> we will get a bill. the balance mere is between a pathway to citizenship and border security. we'll probably get more emphasis on border security to get the bill passed. chris: why should a republican vote for this? >> jeb bush and haley barbour gave a reason this week. because it's pro growth. chris: ok. great. >> you need immigrants in america to foster growth. chris: thanks for a great roundtable. getting near the end here on this show. chuck todd. katty kay. kelly o'donnell and david ignatius. that's the show. thank
and commerce is the engine of our global economy. our values call upon us to care about the lives of people we'll never meet. when europe and america lead with our hopes instead our fears, we do things no other nations can do. no other nations will do. so we have to lift up our eyes today and consider the day of peace with justice that our generation wants for this world. bill: where else do you speak about freedom than at the intersection of come anything and democracy in the heart of berlin. the headline will be this. the president calling for a further reduction of nuclear arms and that is the intent of the speech at the brandenburg gate. martha has more. martha: today back in washington tea partyers are taking on the irs in d.c. they are not backing down. this is video in 2010. remember those huge tea party turnouts? we were promised action on the irs. they want to know why lois lerner is still on paid leave. bill: waits an accident or something more sinister. what caused this plane to go down several years ago. martha: the tea party patriots plan to take on capitol hill. they protesting t
cannot let this happen because of the economy that the entire issue kind of blew up. agreement whend it is clear that there are political point to be had for keeping your own site? >> there are also political points to be had for having success here. i am surprised that the white house has not recognized how similar the proposals are in said "let's get this done and have a bipartisan issue and move it off the table." can doill hopeful we that. the senate has not been successful in their short-term three forward -- 3.4% to your solution of finding someone to pay for it. this is the direction we are continuing to work for. republicans are very much committed to this approach. it should not be that difficult to do considering the white house on paper position he has a proposal. i mean there is still room. it is early june. >> according to the national journey, if they have objected to the bill because it is the " largest interest-rate increases on middle income students and families families who struggle most to afford a college education." >> i find it interesting that the white house
by the french and germans? >> on the economy it's pretty good. but there's a whole other part of discomfort, if you will, with some european leaders and it more has to do -- their reaction to president obama is just like any other politician's reaction to a politician that may not be as popular as they once were. president obama, the nsa things do not play well over here. there has been a frustration by some on the left in europe that president obama hasn't addressed the issue of climate change more aggressively. that's always been a much more important issue to europeans than it ever has been in the united states. and you sort of take all of that into account and so there certainly is -- you know, the shine has worn off. two years ago when president obama would come over here, you know, you know, figuratively throwing rose pe petals at his feet. he still has a huge audience a few hours ago in belfast for a speech he gave that was addressing northern ireland youth. he's going to get a huge number of people at the brandenburg gate when he makes that speech on the 50th anniversary of jfk spee
speaker. at a time when americans want their elected officials to focus on jobs and building our economy, here we are again focusing our efforts on limiting a woman's ability to make her own health care decisions. as i have heard time and time again from women across this nation, women don't want politicians imposing their extreme beliefs on them when they are making tough decisions. i keep hearing about poll from my colleagues on the other side of the aisle. here is a poll. we just heard about it today. popularity is at an all-time low of 10% and bills like this are exactly why. last session we waited a lot of the american people's time debating and voting on legislation designed solely to take a woman's health care decision out of her hands and that of her doctor and instead to allow politicians to step in and substitute their judgment. the time it could take majority six months of the new session, but here we go again. it is patently unconstitutional last week, after some of us pointed out, the bill's sponsors maneuver to add an attempted exception for rape and victims. to bill now re
be the thing to happen for the united states government and the economy and it's been barely a ripple. heads of state oftentimes make symbolic sacrifices even if they don't balance the budget right away. the president can say i am not going to take a vacation. i'm going to stop golfing. but he has done none of that. the trappings that come with the american presidency. michelle and obama were going to take a safari and there would have to be a sniper team. when t.r. went to africa he carried his own gun and protected himself from a lot of animals. in fact the animals need protection from him. bill: 14 limousines, 3 trucks loaded with bulletproof glass to cover the windows of the hotel where the first family is staying. >> this is bigger than barack obama. if people are concerned about this they have to look at the travel of across net secretaries when they go overseas. bill: you set the example. you show people what you are doing and say this is how we are cutting back. can you give us one example how the white house has cut back since sequestration has cut back? >> they cut off the tours. p
says if the reform bill passes, it would boost the economy and cut the federal deficit by $200 billion in the next decade. but now there are fears it may not happen at all. our political director john dickerson is in washington. john, good morning. >> reporter: morning, charlie. >> so what's the impact of this cbo report? >> reporter: well, i think for those who are pushing comprehensive immigration reform, it's a second big argument for them. they've been making the moral case that the immigration system has to be fixtured. now they can make an economic case that it's actually good for the economy. and critics, though, of this have seen a kind of push to get this bill rammed through. and so a lot of conservatives think that cbo is kind of tweaking the numbers here. they don't believe this will be good for the economy at all. >> john, what does it portend for the future of the immigration bill in the house when a key committee just passed a bill that would make it a federal crime to be in the united states illegally? >> reporter: the central tension to watch in this bill is between get
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ben bernanke. he'll answer questions. they're looking for an update on the state of the economy, and they want clarity about whether the fed will continue to keep interest rates low. >>> asian stocks were mixed ahead of word from the feds. tokyo's nikkei added nearly 2% while hong kong's hang seng dipped 1%. >>> and wall street still believes the central bank will continue the stimulus program. tuesday the dow jumped 138 poichblts to close at 15,318 while the nasdaq rose 30 points. >>> two weeks ago the car company defied the federal regulators and refused to recall 3 million jeeps. the feds said the fuel tanks could rupture and cause fires in rear end collisions. now chrysler says they will recall a million and a half 2002 through 2007 jeep liberties and grand cherokees made from 1993 to 1998. >>> well, new yorkers won't have to worry about charging their dying cell phones. the city along with at&t will put up 25 solar powered charging stations. the program begins next week and it will be free. the stations can recharge up to six devices at a time, but after 30 phones get juice
no luxury accommodation versus sort of just what we see as economy today. there were cost overruns and was never completed, however, the german red cross was set up there to help the survivors initially. they were essentially processed and sent on their way. helga's story takes another turn in the remarkable in that she finally gets on the train to start heading towards the west. the idea was that these refugees wanted to end up in allied hands. they were hoping to make to the british or the american lines. she was on a train during the dresden firebombing, but she does eventually make it to california where she finally arrived in about 1948. and here is an actual official boarding pass for the gustloff. most people aboard the gustloff of course didn't have any official documentation. those were handed out in a very first days of the boarding when it was still somewhat orderly, and that would've been around again the 27th and 28th of january, 1945. after that the situation just comes out of control and people are just pushing their way onto the ship. so because of that most people
told the new york times quote, i think it is a stupid idea to bring this up. the economy is on everybody's mind. we are seeing staggering jobs numberes. confidence in the institution of government is eroding. why are republicans still going down this road right now, congresswoman? even though bewe both know that there this has in chance of ever passing. >> it is so interesting. people say, maybe the senate should dictate everything that gets done in washington, d.c. if we did that, the senate, my goodness, we couldn't get them to ps pass a budget for five years. this is something that american people have said, you need to do something about this. women have said, you need to do something about late term abortions. there's a tremendous amount of public support for taking an action, for putting a ban on late term abortions. >> congresswoman, is this purely pandering? >> no, it is not pandering at all. it is saving the life of women and of babies pandering? absolutely not. i can't believe you would say something like that. >> congresswoman -- >> my goodness! >> the presiden
we did nothing in the face of real threats to our security and our economy. >>brian: shortly after president obama's state of the union address his administration freed 2,000 of the most dangerous illegal aliens detained in u.s. jails. one film says we won't find the answer in d.c. so he went to the u.s.-mexican border to prove it. >> we've got units now. everybody's lights on. he is pushing them. he is pushing them north. [music] >> 60-plus. it's plenty busy. >>brian: joining us is the director of "they come to america ii." dennis, you went back to do a follow-up on your first. why? >> i knew what the truth was, and i didn't feel as if i got it right the first time. i had to get it right the second time. i got it right. everything that you have been seeing on television -- everything -- is wrong compared to what it is you'll see in this film. it's because you would never send your cameraman where it is that i go. everything is coming through that border, brian. and when i say everything, i'm talking about terror at its worst level. that's coming from a guy who witnessed 9/11 first
programs in place to support the economy. stocks closed higher yesterday. that could change as investors find out whether or not, fed chair, ben bernanke will scale back on the $85 billion in bond purchases to hold down loan rates. >> wind whipped wildfire burning close to hundreds of homes north of phoenix. the fire started near prescott, wind gusts 22 miles an hour pushing that fire to 200 acres within an hour. residents told to evacuate. others told to be ready in case. >> things are heating up in brazil where anti-government protesters have been clashing with riot police. an estimated 240,000 protesters took to the streets in ten cities across brazil. anger fueled over government corruption, high taxes and the country any notoriously poor infrastructure despite an economic boom. >> a look at your weather -- stormy day in the pacific northwest. hot, dry in the southwest. strong winds for arizona and new mexico. pleasant day in the northeast. low humidity and bright blue skies. >> 90 or above for the south. north dakota to oklahoma. eastward. 60s for anchorage, portland, seattle. >> sc
programs will affect the companies and will it impact of the internet economy overall? again i will use a little discretion and say i have three points i want to highlight. having gone to 20 eu member states to talk about government information carrying in my role as the u.s. department of homeland security privacy officer, and to say, don't worry, this was only used 96 times in 2010 -- i'm going to tell you. the relationship with the european union and the european commission are likely irreparably damaged. i used to say, no, believe me. don't worry. it will be fine. they would say, we don't believe you. you lie to us about guantanamo. you lie to us about rendition. now they have a third one in there. i also think that the concept of government and transparency has been harmed and particularly the nine named companies and at the same time the other elements, the other companies operating in this space, will have a cloud over their heads, saying, well, are you participating in this? what is the access? the point on transparency is going to have to be a thing we development. to affect th
economy, about jobs, i've talked about transportation, i've talked about the relationship of the individual citizen and their government and how that relationship works or sometimes doesn't work lately. but this is a time just to be able to pause for a moment and not talk about necessarily some new government law or some new regulation but to celebrate for justice a -- just a moment dads. with father's day this past weekend and to be able to hesitate again and be able to say thanks to my own dad, but to also talk about the fact that it is the love of our life , for men to be able to enjoy their children just like it is for ladies to be able to enjoy their children as well as a mom. there's something very unique. and i believe firmly that every child needs a mom and needs a dad. they come at parenting from two different directions and they together make such a dramatic difference in the life of a child. to have a mom and to have a dad. it's interesting to me that the last verse in the old testament in that verse from maliki can 4:6, it ends that new testament by saying, the
not really so much just for the party but potentially for the health of the country and the economy. so that's where you would put your effort. the bottom line on this, though, i think, ultimately for republicans is where is the incentive? life is not very complicated. no matter what your job is, you have to get something done. for these house republicans there's very little incentive to vote for something. to van's point they're going to get primaried. almost all of them do. the average republican district right now is 75% light. there are nine republicans in the house who represent a majority/minority district. even those who sit in heavy districts have a significant latino population, they're also very republican districts. you have to -- the speaker has to find a way to get those folks to vote against their most immediate incentive, which is to be re-elected. >> fortunately we have republicans who look past their district boundaries and look past it and hopefully there's enough of those. i'm an optimist. >> coming up on "the lead," a new tip for a search in a field for jimmy hoffa's body
immigrants. >> immigrants build the economy and build our community. it is the glory of our past and the hope for our future. >> the sisters were joined today by an interfaith group of priests and min steers as well as members of the san francisco labor council. all the nuns covered 6500 miles and stopped in 16 cities from ellis island in new york to san francisco. >>> comments from house speaker, jon boehner today, are raising new questions on whether a comprehensive immigration bill will get through congress. opposed to the bill, boehner doesn't see any way of bringing an immigration bill that doesn't have a majority support of republicans. the bill, which would give illegal immigrants a path to citizenship is being debated by the u.s. senate. >> let's get one last look at the weather here. bill, not a bad day, but it did cool off. >> yeah, temperatures bottomed out today, frank, and tomorrow they will come up a bit. as we look at tomorrow, right around the bay, looking for temperatures to be in the 50s and 60s. we have 65 degrees for a high in areas like redwood city and ha
here. i think it's a stupid idea to bring this up. the economy is on everybody's mind. confidence in government is eroding and now we're going to have a debate on rape and abortion? this doesn't steam like the way for republicans to win back the middle politically. joining me is joan walsh and michael steele, his new book is the recovering politicians 12-step program to survive crisis. both are great members of our team here. the bill on the -- the pain capable unborn child protection floor is on the house floor. here are two congress women, michele bachmann on one side, debbie wasserman-schultz on the other. >> this bill is extreme and an unprecedented reach into women's lives into women's personal lives. this is a clear indication that the well-being of women in this country is not something republicans care to protect. >> this is a picture that was taken of an unborn baby yesterday. this is the age of a baby, the youngest age at 20 weeks that this bill is referencing. and this is the picture of the mom. we're here because we care about women. >> well, there we have it. a hot ne
into the economy but we know they're going to do it at some point but wall street is going to be reading between every line to get a sense of timing and nuance. rbc capital markets put it this way the markets will be looking for a distinction between applying less pressure to the gas pedal and hitting the brake. it's that balance that ben bernanke is trying to get right. and meanwhile there's speculation about who's going to succeed mr. bernanke. in an interview with charlie rose president obama said bernanke has already stayed a lot longer than he wanted or he was supposed to. ben bernanke's made no secret of the fact he wants to go home. >>> it has been 684 days since u.s. lost its top credit rating. what are we doing to get it back? there is more good news on housing. the government report shows the pace of home building rose 7%. >>> our fourth story "outfront" evidence mounting tonight against ex-mob boss james known as whitey bulger. prosecution star witness and former hit man john martorano took the stand again today. for the first time he said bulger wasn't just an accessory to murder but
? thousands of tax dollars. credits. stuart varney is here to weigh in. what's ruining the economy? >> for the rest of this entire decade, gas-powered cars will be cheaper to own and run than electric-powered cars. the two only balance out in the year 2020 if gas goes to $6 a gallon and you get a $7,500 permanent tax credit. that's the only way you'll balance out the two. that's it. >> i thought that expired, the $7,500 tax credit. >> a guy from the c.e.o., ronald geckin, the government's bean counters, they are the ones saying it. he's saying the two don't match. electric is not as cost effective as gas. that will be the same for the next six and a half years. >> that's for the driver. it's never been cost effective for the taxpayer. >> didn't you recommend these things? spoeupb i recommended they -- >> i recommended they turn the chevy volt into a gas-powered car. talk about the green movement. >> it's politics. this is a green car. green is a policy. green is all about politics. when it comes to economics, business, it simply doesn't work. it's not price competitive. by the way,
the world pump millions of dollars into the local economy here. so city officials are saying, look, if riders are careful and perhaps a bit more aware of the potential dangers, everyone should have a safe and memorable ride. jenna: they're really fun. i highly suggest it. as a native, just keep your hands inside the cable car. don't hang off of it. all right, claudia, thank you very much. jon: you probably had to ride one to high school, right? jenna: i actually rode one to work when i used to work downtown in san francisco, and it was great. jon: well, i'm sure. jenna: you just have to pay -- i mean, come on. come on. jon: hold on and keep your body inside the car, right? what is it about one 14-year-old's t-shirt that could have him tossed out of school and put in jail? a civil liberties case getting a whole lot of attention today. we'll look at it coming up. man: i know the name of eight princesses. i'm on expert on softball. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for, because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more tha
threats posed our economy, our national security, and infrastructure on which our country relies. as why the fbi, along with our key partners at the table here, are strengthening our cyber capabilities in the same way we enhanced our intelligence and national security capabilities in the wake of 911 -- 9-11. i echo both of these gentlemen's comments this is a whole government approach when it comes to addressing this issue. in the last year, within the fbi, we had undergone a paradigm shift in how we conduct the cyber operations. while we previously watch and collect information and added to our understanding of the adversaries intentions, we do not we take action by seeking to disrupt them as in my in a counterterrorism base. we are now working with our partners successfully disrupting an impact in the individuals behind the would've made it their mission to attack, steel, spy, and commit terrorist acts against our nation and citizens. instead of watching foreign countries steal our intellectual property, we are going out to companies and tried to prevent it. for example, working with d
of a neoconservative than liberal. they want perpetual war for perpetual peace. i understand why. the u.s. economy is based on militarism. that is something that we have to get away from. i think the three dangerous people in the senate are lindsey graham, john mccain, and now kelly ayotte. kelly ayotte may be the most dangerous woman in the world because she is one of the last of the neocons. i'm afraid she's a little too late to the party could we are getting sick of it. i am a ron paul republican. everythingt about all along. everybody puts them down because he is, but at least he does not believe in perpetual war for perpetual peace. host: thanks for the call. this on our twitter page -- you can live in the northeast or midwest -- you know fracking is a big issue as hurling continues. it has created an economic boom and parts of pennsylvania and the upper midwest. the headline from the "weekly standard" -- as we said, the president is heading to northern ireland for the g-8 summit. from jack joins us from minnesota, on our line for independence. caller: good morning. i hope you can
, bear in mind, the economy of wisconsin up until 1850 or before the packers wars bit on selling a fur. you have to have a tag that says what kind of pelt has been used. anything over $50. so is it rabbit or mink? is it panda? is it whatever. if you don't have that, yeah, you are liable to major fines and jail. >> megyn: it's very cold in wisconsin. i remember seeing green bay packers games where they look really, really cold doesn't matter what you have. if you got the hat and the coat, you better have the tag on. otherwise you could be in a lot of trouble. i did look this up. it does say that apparently some people use cat and dog fur, so they really crack down on the regulation. that bummed me out. let's move on to louisiana. there they're all over the mattresses. >> yes. in louisiana, there is a law on the books that says you must, if you sell mattress sets, also give customers the option of purchasing them individually. and you must offer them at an individual price. so who would have thought in the land of mardi gras that this is a primary concern of law enforcement officials. >>
after the networks of the banks and the systems and the pieces that are going to hurt our economy or our power grids, all those things that are actually out there in the civilian sector. we feel like national guardsmen who work in these sectors, reservists in general will have sometimes the first look and ability to see those things, identify them, fix them and go in and clean them up. i think the challenges that we're going through right now is that we think it's important that whatever it is that we build in the reserves and national guard is we feel that it's important that it mirror the title x capability, the same standards and training that general clarke and general ingram have talked about before so that we are integral and replaceable for pieces of the federal title x mission domain. and so a lot of ongoing discussion with how we build that and how the national guard can contribute to it. turn it over to bill and sid. >> thanks, joe. picking up on that, right now we have army national guard soldiers that are working as soldiers at nsa and have been for the last ten years, actual
might eventually cut back on the $85 billion in stimulus it pumps into the economy each month. but bernanke says for now, the massive bond purchases will continue. we're hearing from brazil that a hike in bus fares from sao paolo has been repealed. the city's mayor and governor of the state made the announcement a short time ago. demonstrations against the hike rockeded city, bringing thousands of people into the streets. and sparking calls for social justice. >>> the group mayors against illegal guns is apologizing for including the name of boston bombing suspect, tamerlan tsarnaev, in a list of gun violence victims, it was read at an event marking six months since the massacre at sandy hook elementary school. the group partially funded by new york city mayor michael bloomberg said it was using a list compiled by of people killed by guns since the december shooting. >>> now you've probably seen one of his many commercials over the decades, see if you recognize this man. >> you're going to like the way you look. i guarantee it. >> that's george zimmer, co-founder and
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